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OJSC «Minsk Watch Plant», possessing a wide range of high- precision equipment, has the ability to carry out orders to other organizations in the following areas:

- Manufacture of parts (axles, shafts, pins, etc.) for high-performance automated machines of the Swiss production of rods by turning ferrous and non-ferrous metal rolled with a diameter of 1 - 16mm and ensuring machining accuracy of 0,01 mm, length up to 80mm.

- Manufacture of various gear pinions and wheels, assembly units (pinion - wheel) devices with module tooth m = 0,05-0,4 mm number of teeth up to 300, with a maximum outer diameter of 30 mm, with radial and plane  beating from 0,01 mm.

- Manufacture of various flat plates , contacts , collectors , etc. by cutting pieces of cold rolled strips of ferrous and non-ferrous metal with thickness 0,01 -4 mm in automatic mode with the subsequent implementation of the various bending, stamping, punching, branding and other operations.

- Manufacture of various screws with cylindrical, conical head in automatic mode M - 1 0,7-4,0 max length = 10 mm with simultaneous milling of slot for screwdriver and the subsequent anti-corrosion coating.

- Manufacture of various spirals, springs by radial waving ensuring the accuracy of the parameters of section up to 0.0005 mm with max diameter of coils up to 20mm and subsequent heat treatment and fixation in vacuum furnaces.

- Manufacture of various tools (cutting, milling cutters , chamfering bits made of carbon steel and hard alloys) , dies, fixtures and tooling - in the workshop of  tool production .

- Different decorative and anticorrosion coating of the surface of parts (nickel, chrome plating, zinc plating, cold passivation, silver plating, combined coatings)

- Technological processes for finishing of parts (chemical polishing, vibratory finishing, polishing, etc.) in order to obtain surface roughness processing of Rz 0,2-0,8.

Contact person: Apanasik Sergey

tel.(+37517)280-34-74, fax. (+37517) 280-45-21