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Printed circuit boards

Our designers shall quickly perform design of printed circuit board of any complexity according to your technical specification. After doing work on designing the Customer gets ready for transfer to manufacture printed circuit board in an electronic form. We guarantee designed printed circuit board corresponding to the  requirements of technical design specification. At  request of the Customer we produce prototypes of printed circuit boards.

We accept data to manufacturing PCB in formats:
  • PCAD 2000-2006
  •  PCAD 4.5/8.5/8.7
  •  ORCAD
  •  CAM 350 and other

To make an order or to estimate the exact cost of printed circuit board’s manufacturing send your project and  completed order form to the address: or fax 280-49-55.

Your request will be processed within one working day .

We provide full technical support and are ready to render  operational advice on any issue of printed circuit boards.

Terms of manufacturing of single-and double-sided printed circuit boards :

1. Standard production time is 2-3 weeks.

2 .  Urgent production – from 2 working days.

Terms of manufacturing of multilayer printed circuit boards :

1. Standard production time is 3-4 weeks .

2 .  Urgent production - 2-2.5 weeks

Technical possibilities for production

Maximum workpiece size300*400mm
Minimum conductor width0,1mm
Minimum clearance of conductive pattern0,1mm
Minimum diameter of vias0,3mm
Number of  layersup to 24
Kinds of processingmilling, scribing, pressworking
Materials used for the production of  printed circuit boards FR1, FR4, Rogers, Flan, FAF, polyamide, lavsan and other
Colour of the mask coating and marking green, black, red, white, yellow
Manufacturing of off standard execution boards
100 % optical control
Electrical control for multilayer circuit boards

Release of all types of printed circuit boards: 
Flexible and combined board. 
Boards with "blind" and hidden vias. 
Microwave boards. 
Boards on aluminum substrates. 
Different types of printed circuit boards surface finish coatings:
 • Hot tin (HASL). 
• Immersion gold. 
• Immersion tin.
 • Ni-B.
• Electroless nickel. 
ISO 9001 certificate of quality.
 Manufacturing of printed circuit boards with military inspection. 
For each batch of boards shall be issued a certificate of quality. Impeccable quality of work has been certified ISO 9001.