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Minsk Watch Plant is the only company in Belarus for the production of timing devices and one of the few companies in the Soviet watchmaking industry which  retains full cycle of production of mechanical watches

Minsk Watch Plant became famous primarily by brand "Luch", but also it has produced, such  well-known watch as "Zaria", "Vympel" and others. Since Soviet times, the plant produces car clocks and alarm clocks. Today except brand "Luch" MWP offers watches Favorit and Sekonda.

The plant also manufactures manometers, printed circuit boards, GPS-trackers and other products.

The decision to build the plant was taken in 1953. By that time the Soviet Union has made watches on thirteen factories of the Ministry of Machinery Industry. But demand exceeded the capacity. And already in 1955  the first watches “Zaria” were released from the assembly line of MWP.

Since 1994 Minsk Watch Plant is an Open Joint-Stock Company. However, in free market conditions the plant's management has failed to keep  former power of the company and in 2006 it was declared bankrupt. In 2009, the debt was restructured and the Court has finished the bankruptcy procedure.

In 2010, the Netherlandish company "Franck Muller International B.V." has became  the investor company, having signed an Investment Agreement with the Republic of Belarus.

At present time OJSC " Minsk Watch Plant " is privately owned company with the state share in the authorized capital 19,97 %. The investor's share - 80%. Individuals have owned 0,03 % of the shares . Today OJSC " Minsk Watch Plant " produces about 150-180 thousand watches , offering to consumers more than 1700 models, both quartz and mechanical watches . MWP’s products are exported to fifteen countries. The plant employs about 700 people. Equipment and technology are constantly  updated. In 2012, mastering of an unique for Belarus production of sapphire crystal has began. Minsk Watch Plant’s team makes every effort to preserve and promote the legendary Belarusian brand " Luch"