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  • 1953

    Minsk Watch Plant opening

    History of Open Joint Stock Company "Minsk Watch Plant" has started in 1953, when it was decided to build the plant. It was then the beginning of the development of the watch industry of the Republic of Belarus.

  • 1955

    Released the first ladies wristwatch "Zaria"

    This small ladies watch of caliber 18 mm on 16 ruby jewels . The movement consists of 80 parts and 25 units. Many dimensions of watch parts do not exceed 1 mm.

  • 1959

    Training of watchmakers has begun

    In 1959 at the request of the administration MWP Minsk Polytechnic has opened the evening department for training among factory workers . In 1963 was the first issue of the department " Production of timing devices ."

  • 1960

    Development of watch "Minsk" has began

    In 1960 the development of a new caliber of watch has began and the construction of watch was created with movement with diameter of 13 mm and height of 3.4 mm . In the design of the watch movement and in external design of the watch the experience with the watch "Zaria" was taken into account. In 1961 a pilot batch of watch "Minsk" ( Luch -1300 ) was released . But in 1962, the development of this watch was suspended , and the plant has switched to the development of men's watches "Vympel" .

  • 1962

    Production of men watch Luch-2209 is mastered

    The Ministry of Industry together with the plant have decided to manufacture particularly flat men watch "Vympel" , produced by the 1st Moscow Watch Plant , which gave the technical documentation for it . This watch has received the trade mark "Luch -2209 ."

  • 1963

    Production Association “Luch”

    In September 1963 the Production Association “Luch” was created that united Minsk Watch Plant and Vitebsk factory of watch parts - branch . Union leadership was entrusted to the management team MWP . In mid-1966 watch Production Association " Luch" was eliminated. Minsk Watch Plant and Vitebsk factory of watch parts ( VFWP ) became independent enterprises with subordination to Glavchasprom .

  • 1965

    Completion of construction and the outcome of the work

    By 1965, the construction and installation work at the Minsk Watch Plant were mostly finished. At the head company 1850 units of equipment were installed , including 1120 units of technological equipment . Number of the personnel was 4374 persons. In 1965 1,265,773 watches were manufactured.

  • 1973

    Launched production of car clocks

    In 1973 the production of car clocks , transferred from Chistopolsky Watch Plant was fully mastered. For the first year 15 thousand of car clocks ACHJ-1 were released. In 1976 orders were received for the supply of special equipment , car clocks for Lada cars - ACHJ -1 for 200 000 pieces. In 1977 they are produced with state " quality mark ".

  • 1974


    At the Leipzig fair ladies watch "Luch -1816 " with automatic winding and calendar was marked by gold medal. In January 1977 the provision was approved of diploma by Trade Unions and the USSR State Standard - "For the best results for the output of a state " quality mark . " In 1978 MWP was named after the 60th anniversary of the Communist Party of Belarus. In honor of the 25th anniversary the plant was awarded by the Order of the Red Banner. In 081 the watch Luch - 1956 was awarded by the " Grand Gold Medal " at the International Fair in Plovdiv (Bulgaria ).

  • 1980

    25th anniversary of the plant

    November 24, 1980 marks 25 years since the entry of MWP into operation enterprises. Over the years, the plant has grown into one of the largest enterprises in the watch industry. The plant employs more than eight thousand people - 5,253 of them were awarded the honorary title of "Shock worker of Communist labour”. Over the 25-year period the team of Minsk Watch Plant has produced more than 56 million watches. Theses ladies watch "Luch -1900 , 1809 , 1814 , 1816 ," men watch " Luch -2209 ." Also the plant produces electronic and mechanical watch " Luch- 3055 " and watch " ACHJ -1" for "Lada" cars . In the plant there are 32 feature-based assembly lines , 17 automatic production lines and 1205 units of automatic and semi-automatic equipment , 7 mechanized and 2 automated workshops .

  • 2010

    Arrival of foreign investor to the plant

    Franck Muller Company acquires 52 % of shares in OJSC " Minsk Watch Plant " . It was signed a Presidential Decree (№ 109 from 01.03.10 ) . June 29, 2010 an Investment Agreement was signed to modernize Minsk Watch Plant between investing company and the Government of Belarus. Currently, the state's share in the authorized capital of MWP - 19.97 % , the investor's share - 80% ,individuals - 0.03%.

  • 2012

    Opening a flagship store "Luch"

    November 24, 2012 Minsk Watch Plant has opened the first store of the new sample . Flagship store "Luch" symbolizes plant modernization and renewal of the range of products and should be the first in a network of similar stores. At the opening the Managing Director " Franck Muller" Vartan Sirmakes and the First Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko were present. The store is located in Minsk , at 18, Nezavisimosti avenue .

  • 2013

    Watches with diamond light coating

    Beginning from 2013 O.J.-S.C. “Minsk watch plant” mastered industrial production of watches with diamond light coating. Case parts with this coating produced by O.J.-S.C. “Minsk watch plant” are comparable in quality with the best foreign analogues manufacturers such as Rolex, Messina Jewelers, Citizen, Panerai, Audemars Piguet and others. No one produces such watch cases in the CIS countries, although such products are manufactured by leading manufacturers for a long time.Coating is biologically indifferent, i.e. does not chemically react with the biological tissues (including skin). This coating has been used for over 20 years in many other fields, in particular for the manufacture of heart valves, aircraft and Formula-1.

  • 2014

    Glass breakthrough

  • 2015

    The release of PDU-01